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14 February 2016 @ 04:18 pm
omg, someone shoot me now  
So I accidentally-on-purpose moved all the coverart/banners for the JaeHo fics here to a new folder on photobucket because I decided to be organized.

Of course, I forgot that when you move the pics, THE LINKS ALSO CHANGE so everything I linked to here became a broken link.

I just spent the last three hours trying to fix all that because LJ coding is retarded and I couldn't just do a ctrl+f and ctrl+v to replace the dead links with new ones. Oh no, every single freaking LJ cut had to also get messed up, along with a ton of messy code that totally screwed up the formatting.

See, back then, on some of the earlier fics, I copied text straight from MS Word into livejournal, meaning I also copied a ton of unnecessary HTML markup that controls font size, paragraph style, etc.  All of which turned into a complete mess.

On a side note, I am probably unlocking these entries because eff this, I don't care if you know me from real life or can connect the dots anymore, if you do then a) kindly don't ever let me know you read my NC-17 writing and b) don't continue to feed into why society lets stuff like this become an issue.

On top of all this, since LJ changes its coding more often than I can keep up with it, I know that there are broken navigation/layout issues and dead links.  Unfortunately, as much as it drives me nuts becauseI believe that presentation matters, I really don't have the time to spend on fixing these things...especially when LJ keeps breaking them again!