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19 June 2011 @ 10:35 pm
Cherish, Part 1 of 3  
Title: Cherish
Author: bloodredrosez
Rating: R
Length: 3 Parts, Complete (~11,500 total)
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Humor
Disclaimer: This story is fictional except for some scenes inspired by video clips.

Summary: Five times Jaejoong said no to Yunho (and one time he said yes).  Prompt chosen: proposal.
Written for the 4th Anniversary Fiction Contest at jaeho_complex!  Check out the other entries HERE, too.

A/N: I’ve played with the actual timeline of real events vs. when they take place in my story, so don’t be confused. The story itself is supposed to roughly cover 2004-2007, but I had them doing things they actually did later, e.g. filming Balloons, etc.

Video/Pictures Link List
“Hug” lipsyncing and kiss: http://youtu.be/MtFacYSfTP0
“Jaejoong is my wife” I Love Show Tank: http://youtu.be/dgxDILxtCis

*None of these need to be viewed, but they’re here if you want to see them and as references for the real events I put into the story.

I. Stealth Vows (or, “Yunho learns, to his chagrin, that a declaration does not a marriage make.”)

He’s always sneaking surprise attacks on Yunho. Every single time. At first, Yunho doesn’t even know that Jaejoong’s doing it all on purpose. He doesn’t realize that when he gets hugged or teased, it’s because Jaejoong’s carrying out the equivalent of stealth missions.

Something’s definitely changed from their trainee days, but Yunho figures that it’s to be expected now that they’ve debuted. For one thing, they’re spending even more time together, and it’s not like Jaejoong knows that Yunho’s had a little crush on him since practically the day they first met, right? Or that when he sneaks up and slides his warm arms around Yunho from behind, their leader-sshi is dangerously close to melting into a puddle of goo right in front of the cameras...

Yunho isn’t slow, but at first it’s easy to think he’s just imagining things. After all, Jaejoong always looks so innocent and sweetly affectionate. He also can be pretty random sometimes, so Yunho just assumes that the spontaneous outbursts of affection between them are as surprising to Jaejoong as they are to himself. It’s impossible to believe that they’re actually quite premeditated and executed only when the perfect opportunity arises.

He tries to remain dignified throughout all of it because that’s what a good leader should do. But when they’re at the radio station and the four idiots around him suddenly start lipsyncing to Hug, Jaejoong tries to get him to join them and Yunho just can’t say no. He tells himself that he’s only setting a good example for Changmin. The maknae needs to be more aggressive if he wants any screen time at all, what with JaeSu expertly hogging the camera.

One second, Yunho’s sitting half on Jae’s lap and staring straight into the camera as the song ends, feeling Jaejoong’s fingers on the nape of his neck. The next second, he feels these incredibly soft and warm lips press against his cheek—and he realizes that Jaejoong just kissed him.

Yunho’s mouth turns into a big O of surprise, but Jaejoong just laughs his adorable laugh as if he totally didn’t just kiss Yunho onscreen and in front of everyone. He smiles a secret smile and Yunho’s so distracted that he doesn’t know what to say, so he ends up saying nothing.   

He’s embarrassed for a least a day over their soon-to-be infamous kiss, but secretly replays the moment in his head for at least a week. The only reason why Yunho stops after that is because Jaejoong finds plenty more opportunities to tease him when he’s least expecting it, so the kiss gets bumped down the replay list.

Their manager is delighted since the fans are eating up the “fanservice” already and Yunho’s reactions are so genuine and so cute. Yunho doesn’t bother to tell him that everything is real—it’s not like Jaejoong ever tells him beforehand when he decides to do something crazy. It leaves Yunho confused. He thinks Jaejoong likes him—really likes him, that is, not just for the sake of their careers and to please the fans—and he can’t decide exactly how impulsive Jaejoong’s actions are, or if it matters whether they’re spontaneous or not.

But after knowing Jaejoong for almost two years, Yunho does have his suspicions. He thinks it might be kind of a game…and he’s being seduced. After all, things are different for them. Instead of a first date, they spend almost all day, every day, with each other. Instead of flirting to show their interest in each other, they’re letting the camera catch all their fond displays. It’s hard to keep straight what’s really what and it’s enough to make anyone confused. The lyrics of their own song get stuck in his mind. I’m so curious to know how much you really love me...

So the next time Jaejoong throws in a little supposedly unplanned affection, Yunho’s almost ready for it. The older teen fixes Yunho’s hair and shirt collar, letting his fingers linger on the bare skin of Yunho’s throat in the most subtle and infuriating caress. Yunho feels his heart skip a beat and his breath come out unevenly just from the almost unintentional touch; he stares into those dark, innocuous eyes and figures that he’s ready to take Jaejoong up on the dare.

Besides, he’s noticed how Jaejoong flirts with the others in almost the same way. The older teen has a natural charisma that’s simply impossible to resist. It’s like sometime during their debut, Jaejoong lost a measure of his shyness and because of that, only became more charming. More than one person is starting to notice, but it’s okay. If Jaejoong wants to sneakily seduce him, Yunho’s more than happy to just as sneakily stake his claim.

Full of indignation at the very thought of their future fans believing that Jaejoong is with someone else, Yunho makes plans for his own stealth mission. Jaejoong is going to be his sooner or later, in every sense and reality, and Yunho’s determined to prove it before anyone gets the slightest idea otherwise.

It’s ingenious, really. Yunho’s been waiting for an opportunity to slip this in somewhere and best of all, Jaejoong himself provides the lead. It happens so naturally and Yunho even manages to steal the show. Forget Junsu’s excited explanation of how he and Yoochun are “YooSu” just because their hairstyles are both long. Jae’s follow up to that—calling himself the mother of the group—was just begging for it. With a few choice words, Yunho singlehandedly establishes YunJae as the couple and he couldn’t be prouder about his coup.

Forget mother, try wife. It’s utterly perfect. For once, Jaejoong’s the one left surprised.

Yunho grins like a fool all the way back home after the I Love Show Tank taping. Once their manager has left though, he finds himself cornered by Jaejoong, who demands that they have a private conversation. Yunho notices Yoochun exchanging a knowing look with Junsu and starts getting annoyed. Are they thinking what he thinks they’re thinking? Before Yunho has time to find out, Jaejoong hauls him off to an empty bedroom, his eyes hot and intense.

Despite himself, Yunho’s so happy with the success of his plan that he misses all the warning signs. All he can see is that Jaejoong looks particularly drool-worthy when he’s aggressive and there’s something incredibly hot about how hard he’s holding onto Yunho’s arm and demanding all of his attention. The teasing is clearly at an end, and all the unresolved tension between them will be settled at last! Yunho even goes so far as to wonder if he might get lucky tonight. After all, they need to consummate their marriage… He really tries not to grin at the thought, but it’s a lost cause.

“I’m your what? Jaejoong says almost before the door is closed. He puts his hand on Yunho’s chest and pushes a little, herding Yunho across the room. The last shove is just enough to make the backs of Yunho’s knees hit the edge of something and he sits down abruptly on the bed. Jaejoong leans forward and he’s breathing hard, his lips half parted.

Whoa. He never knew Jae was into this kind of thing. Yunho just stares, half mesmerized, when Jaejoong’s tongue flicks out and moistens his lips.

Jaejoong, however, is waiting for an answer. It takes a moment for Yunho’s brain to rewind to the question. “My…uh…”

“You told the whole world I was your what?! Jaejoong actually advances forward. Yunho blinks and realizes he’s sitting with his knees rather far apart; someone has apparently taken it as an invitation to invade his personal space. Jae stops about two inches from him and stares him down.

“…wife?” Yunho tries weakly. The alarm bells are finally going off and he realizes that maybe his stealth attack wasn’t quite as successful as he thought, but he’s also completely distracted because Jaejoong is standing way too close and his palm is almost hot against Yunho’s chest.

“And when did I agree to that?” asks Jaejoong, so close that he’s almost breathing down Yunho’s neck. Not to mention his legs are pressing against Yunho’s inner thighs.

Yunho scrambles to form a coherent reply. “Well, you’re the one who said you’re the mother and…and…it’s not like I’m going to be your kid!”

It’s actually pretty good reasoning, considering that he can practically feel his blood draining out of his head and heading south. If Jaejoong doesn’t move in a minute, he’ll find out that he’s not so much scolding Yunho—like a wife, Yunho’s mind adds—as turning him on. A lot.

Jaejoong isn’t the least bit appeased by Yunho’s logic, though. He fixes Yunho with a dark look. “And when, Jung Yunho, did I ever hear a proposal from you?”

“Uhhh…” Yunho finally figures out his mistake and his eyes go wide. Put that way, he hadn’t really asked Jaejoong, had he? Yunho can feel himself turning tomato red and he tries to cover for his embarrassment, only when he opens his mouth to beg forgiveness, what he blurts out instead is a jumbled mess. “Jaejoong-ah, willyoumarryme?

Jaejoong freezes and then gives him the most disbelieving look ever. It’s kind of amused and kind of offended, but mostly just incredulous. “No!”

Yunho can’t quite believe that he just went and proposed like that, either. Or that he’s been turned down flat. But the sting of rejection is forgotten when Jaejoong grabs his arms and pulls him to a standing position, all without giving Yunho space to stand. Ignoring Yunho’s muttered protest, Jaejoong kisses him temperamentally. His mouth is hot and sweet and when Jaejoong’s tongue tangles with his like that, when Jaejoong presses up against him fully, letting Yunho know that he isn’t the only one turned on by their odd exchange, Yunho’s mind just goes blank.

Several kisses later, Yunho vaguely resolves to try again someday, properly. With a fancy dinner and flowers and an empty restaurant, or however those dramas always do those romantic proposal scenes—though come to think of it, aren’t they always unsuccessful?—but then Yunho puts it out of his mind because it turns out that he does get lucky.

And after all, Jaejoong is his wife. There’s no doubt about that. Yunho just has to seal the deal and get a single yes. How hard could it be?

Of course, that was just one time that Jaejoong said no to Yunho.

*          *          *

II. Checkmate (or, “Jae might have found his soul mate, but he’s got his king cornered, too.)

Yunho kind of wishes it was him. They all get along so well with each other and he’s not hesitant about saying that the other members are friends and brothers to him. It’s just inevitable that some of them will be just a little closer to each other. He tries to keep in mind that it’s actually a good thing that they’re bonding and it’s good for the band, too.

That kind of logic isn’t much consolation when Yunho still hasn’t managed to figure out how to ask Jaejoong the big question yet. In fact, he’s not sure whether Jae would even be willing to hear out a proposal. Yunho finds it hard to wait when he knows exactly what he wants, but it’s probably too soon, right?

Of course, nothing in Jaejoong’s friendship with Yoochun is too soon. They have some inside jokes that even the rest of them don’t get. From the beginning, they clicked right away. They have the same interests and almost always the same opinions, and they understand each other in a way that makes Yunho want to buy them friendship bracelets, because you know the best friends that you always kind of envy a little? That’s them.

As a leader, he should be really happy. As a lover, he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Jaejoong comes back with a freaking tattoo.

Why, oh why, did it have to be Park Yoochun?

Now, Yunho is not the type to be insecure. As for that green eyed monster, he can only imagine the disdainful look Jaejoong would give him—or even worse, a blank, totally clueless look. Because they’re friends and that’s it, so Yunho would have to be a total jerk to make an issue out of it. They’re friends, he reminds himself for good measure. Well, really good friends. In fact, best friends.

Actually, try soul mates.

Every idea Yunho has come up with for proposing seems to just sort of dissolve in face of that. Well, lesser men have quailed before the best friend quandary before.

Truthfully speaking, Jaejoong’s adoration is inspiring and does make Yunho appreciate Yoochun more. Yunho patiently listens as Jae goes on and on about how Yoochun’s a genius with music. He’s always writing songs and Jaejoong feeds off his creativity until they end up squashed together on a piano bench, heads close together over the keyboard, both figuring out some beautiful melody.

Jaejoong might totally be Yunho’s fanboy when it comes to dancing or his tough, leader image, but it’s his best friend that he really admires in such an earnest and sincere way. Yoochun’s really gifted and Yunho has never felt that music was his strength. It took him years to catch up with the rest of them when it came to singing, and even now, he feels like his natural vocal abilities are probably the weakest of all of them. He doesn’t have any talent in composing music.

Still, Jaejoong never skimps on his praise of Yunho. In fact, he frequently lets Yunho know, with quite a bit of dirty talk thrown in, just how much he appreciates every single aspect of their leader-sshi. So Yunho really does feel like an insecure, possessive boyfriend when he starts worrying about it.

But then, he never seems to be able to easily get over it when Yoochun comes out wearing Jaejoong’s jeans. In fact, after a while, Yunho thinks they might as well throw their wardrobes together, because they keep swapping clothes. It’s because out of all the members, they’re the only two who are the exact same size, and they also share the same fashion tastes, so of course they borrow things from each other all the time.

Still, Yunho notices that in a subtle retaliation that probably goes unnoticed by both Yoochun and Jaejoong, he’s starting to give Jaejoong more of his own accessories to wear. Rings. Necklaces. Followed up by a scarf here, a hat there, and a shirt he picked out for Joongie because he thought it looked cool.  

Then Yoochun has an interview and Yunho’s eyes narrow when he hears all about how ‘Jaejoong is most loveable when he’s asleep.’ Yoochun goes on to say that Jaejoong rarely shows what he’s thinking and that his poker face is so good, plus he keeps things to himself so well, that they end up finding about incidents they’d all forgotten about when Jae brings them up two years later.

It’s exactly the kind of stuff that Yunho’s observed and was planning to talk about too, only Jaejoong now compliments Yoochun on how well he knows him. For a while, Yunho’s tempted to remind Jaejoong that not only does Yunho know him even better, he knows him inside and out and across every inch of his skin, too.

But that would be petty and Jae would probably laugh it off. It’s just that these small things are slowly driving Yunho crazy! He still knows that he’d be an ass if he says anything. He’s not jealous—really, he isn’t. He trusts Jaejoong absolutely, so that’s not the problem.

It’s just that Yunho knows it’s not like you can control who you’re attracted to or who you fall for, and while they’re all best friends, Yoochun is more like the best friend. Yoochun’s also right about one thing—Jaejoong’s serene expression can be difficult to read, so Yunho can’t help but worry…

Especially when Jaejoong comes back half drunk but so happy that he’s practically giggling into Yoochun’s shoulder. One look at them and Yunho knows they’ve been up to something inadvisable. Jaejoong transfers himself from Yoochun to Yunho, who staggers as he finds himself with a flushed and excited looking boyfriend in his arms. His lips are cherry red and Yunho nearly kisses him right then and there, except he’s not sure if part of it is to reassure himself, and he’s not insecure, dammit.

Yoochun similarly latches onto Junsu and there’s a brief moment when Yunho and Junsu manage to share a look of equal parts congratulation and commiseration. Junsu hauls Yoochun off to the room he shares with Jaejoong, so Yunho decides to head to his own room with his own deliciously hot arm candy. Changmin’s out visiting his family, or the poor maknae would probably be banished to the living room—if he didn’t flee there of his own free will first, anyway.

Once inside, Jaejoong smiles fondly at Yunho and asks him to put some ointment on his new tattoo. His voice is husky and soft and Yunho wonders if he’s really that drunk, or just playing. Jaejoong holds his alcohol a lot better than his lithely muscular frame might suggest and Yunho’s been tricked more that once before. Without waiting for Yunho’s reply, Jaejoong’s pulls off his T-shirt. Yunho’s torn between admiring his body and uneasily noting that the discarded shirt was originally Yoochun’s. Jaejoong’s bare chest wins out in a heartbeat, though.

“Go wash your hands,” Jaejoong orders him bossily, so Yunho does that and comes back just in time to catch the tube of ointment that’s flippantly tossed at him. Jaejoong grabs a chair and drags it over next to Yunho’s bed before straddling it in backwards fashion. He folds his arms on the back of the chair and rests his face on his arms.

Yunho smiles when it occurs to him that their photographers would’ve wept to learn that they missed an opportunity to capture Jaejoong in a position like this. He sits down on his bed and gets his first look at the tattoo. The precise black lettering is gorgeous on Jaejoong’s back, even though it turns his lovely alabaster skin into a painful red.

“TVfXQ SOUL,” Yunho reads out loud as he follows Jae’s instructions, his fingertips tracing slickly over the letters. He spreads the ointment as gently as he can, enjoying the shiver that his touch causes. Jaejoong makes a breathy sound that’s halfway between a gasp and a moan. Not for the first time, Yunho wonders how much of a masochist Jaejoong really is, secretly.

“Yoochun got the ‘MATE’ part,” Jaejoong says with a grin, glancing over his shoulder at Yunho. His eyes are especially bright and pleased tonight. He’s lounging in the chair and Yunho’s not sure if he even means to be provocative, or if it just comes that naturally to him. Sometimes he’s sure that Jaejoong exhales attraction the way other, normal people exhale air.

“You two are crazy,” Yunho murmurs as he finishes up. He can’t resist dropping a kiss on the curve of Jaejoong’s neck, but Jaejoong has other ideas and twists around to catch his lips in a slow, lingering kiss.  

When they finally break apart, Yunho’s almost forgotten his unease completely. The sight of the tattoo reminds him. “Soul mates, eh?”

“Yeah... I’m so lucky,” Jaejoong says, abandoning the chair entirely in favor of straddling Yunho’s lap instead, his denim covered thighs opening suggestively with the movement. He gives a little purr of satisfaction when he feels the evidence of Yunho’s desire for him.

Yunho’s hands slide up Jaejoong’s warm, bare back, but stop before going up all the way, mindful of the tattoo he can no longer see. Less than half his mind is on the conversation now, but Jaejoong’s not done explaining what he meant. “I’ve found my soul mate but I have my king right where I want him, too.”

He leans forward to lick at Yunho’s collarbone and smiles a mysterious smile before shifting his hips in a slow, deliberate grind. Yunho swallows hard, finding his jeans all too constraining at the moment, and barely manages a confused “Hmm?”

Jaejoong doesn’t say anything for a moment, but his movements don’t cease and he’s looking straight at Yunho with a heartstopping mixture of love and lust in his gaze. Yunho’s hands instinctively settle on Jaejoong’s waist, his fingers gripping bare skin, and all he can process right now is that he’s the lucky one.

One of Jaejoong’s hands wanders down between them to cup Yunho in his palm, and he can’t help but arch into the touch. He’s already rock hard as Jaejoong rubs him slowly and there’s a metallic rasp each time Jaejoong’s fingers slide across the zip of his jeans. He has just enough time to realize that the sound is coming from Jaejoong’s ring—no, the ring that Yunho bought him—before Jaejoong stops his teasing and tugs at the waist of Yunho’s jeans. The top button pops free and the sound of his zipper being undone seems unnaturally loud in Yunho’s ears even over the ragged breaths he draws.  

“Checkmate,” Jaejoong whispers into his ear, as he slides his hand in and pulls Yunho’s cock out, drinking in the groan he elicits and the way Yunho’s eyes flutter shut for a moment.

He finally gets it as the word registers in his mind. When Jae smirks at him, Yunho realizes that his lover’s known about his worries all along—probably saw it in one glance of Yunho’s expression tonight, even. Jaejoong knows him inside and out too, and he’s been silly, tormenting himself about this.

And because they both already know the answer, because the answer doesn’t even matter any more, Yunho can finally ask without feeling like he’s a jealous idiot. “So…have you ever secretly liked Yoochun, or something?”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes. No, Yunho,” he answers. The pink tip of his tongue sticks out the side of his mouth in concentration, and even though no is the word he least likes hearing from Jaejoong, Yunho positively loves the way it sounds right now.

Jaejoong’s weight lifts as he shifts his thighs off Yunho’s and lowers himself to his knees in front of him, all the while refusing to relinquish his grip on the part of his lover that’s hot, hard, and all his. And the anticipation on Jae’s face, the look of challenge in his eyes—well, Yunho’s cock gives an excited twitch and it’s almost embarrassing how much precome he’s leaking.

Yunho can only watch, openmouthed and practically panting with need, as Jaejoong quite deliberately presses his face against Yunho’s thigh. The familiarity of it just makes it all the more exciting, the knowledge that this is far from the first time and will hardly be the last. His tongue slips out again to lick his lips and Yunho’s cock swells even more in the circle of his fingers, a silky liquid drop glistening on the head.

“Don’t be silly,” Jaejoong manages to say with a straight face, while looking up at Yunho from that position, and then even Jae can’t maintain his poker face. He grins up at Yunho with a hellishly sexy expression and Yunho barely remembers what they were talking about because Jae’s mouth is that tantalizingly close… “If my answer wasn’t no, would I be doing this?”

Then Yunho forgets all about soulmates and he really does feel like a king, because Jae’s head dips down as he set out to remind Yunho of what they were to each other and no one else: lovers.

*          *          *

A/N: Please comment! I was going to lock commenting for parts 1 and 2, but each section/scene is almost like a mini story, so I'd love to hear about which ones you liked and why <3

A HUGE thank you to the anonymous readers that voted for this!


A.O.I~ あお.いouji on June 20th, 2011 06:03 am (UTC)
SPOT SPOT SPOT :) congrats on winning!
A.O.I~ あお.いouji on June 20th, 2011 07:49 am (UTC)
dearie, you leave me speechless with the references and i just had to rewatch them both :'D the part where yunho mentions that jaejoong is his wife gave jaejoong such a priceless face and i rewatched it a couple of times xD omo, why did that vid have to cut it off at the end! ;___;

the part about them lipsinging is like the most epic yunjae video EVER! >8D i like how you described yunho's inner reaction to jaejoong who is always so unpredictable and makes yunho fall for his tricks xD i'm glad that yunho doesn't believe that jaejoong is only playing around with him and the fact that he actually does love him :) totally sweet!

the part where yunho tried to get revenge on jaejoong, totally got me laughing xD it is VERY imaginable for yunho to actually think about making a comeback at jaejoong with 'wife' after he said mother :D that truely fit the scene well and the yunjae moment xD jaejoong's aggression and leading yunho got my inner fangirl squealing for some yunjae smut but obviously that will not happen so soon D: i like the incorporations of the 'no' when he rejects him and then about the soul mate issue xD

is it true that yoochun has a 'mate' as a tattoo? :O i like how he fell to junsu instead xD the boarderline for the yoosu and the yunae! >:D got my brain saying 'yes yes yes~ ' lol the way you described min was hilarious xD poor maknae! and gawd the way you stopped before the smut got me wanting for more! >:D (i probably sound like a perv but aren't we all? xD)

also i don't really get why jaejoong would refer yunho as his 'king'? :/ is it from 'keep your head down' or was it from a different reference? or could it just be out of the blue? xD because i just thought it was awkward to call him that (no offense) :)

i'm glad that you won with this because i would have definitely voted for this if i knew where it was because i didn't see it!(how blind i am OTL) therefore, congratulations dear and for having the time to write this! :D
bloodredrosez: JaeHobloodredrosez on June 21st, 2011 04:19 am (UTC)
Hahaha the 'mate' thing...well, for the longest time (probably like, two or three years) people thought the tattoo on Yoochun's lower back said "TVfXQ MATE" and since the whole Jaechun couple was called "soulmates," the fans were pretty excited about that. Anyway, I don't think there's ever been a clear picture of it but someone finally figured out from matching the font with the blurry pictures that it says "TVfXQ MYC" - probably for Micky YooChun - which makes SO much more sense. B'cuz, y'know, getting "MATE" tattooed on your lower back is kind of...yeaaaah. It's true that his tattoo looks like Jaejoong's though XD

Ohhh so the "king" thing is kind of a joke :D Soulmates -> Checkmate (especially b/c Yunho has the solo song) --> in chess, during checkmate, you've cornered the king and won. So the whole soulmate/checkmate thing and the subtitle of that section/mini story is a play on how Jaejoong's good at uhm...cornering Yunho...er, chess ;)

What's the "Keep Your Head Down" reference? lol I actually don't know what you're talking about. A lot of this story is kind of reminiscing about the early years of the fandom and all, so that's why I went back to the "SOUL MATE" idea and some of the oldest clips that established the YunJae couple.

iono, it seemed like a good idea since it was for an anniversary contest and cuz the fandom has been pretty sad compared to earlier years :( I was thinking of writing something AU at first and then I decided that nah, for a contest like this, I want to keep it feeling realistic.

I wanted to celebrate all the YunJae moments that we've come to love, so mostly I chose clips/events that pretty much EVERYONE has seen before. All the milestones in the YunJae history...and even milestones in the YunJae fandom history ;)

Writing it made me feel sooooo nostalgic though...but it also reminded me of why YunJae became my OTP so long ago and why I've dropped back into the fandom at least for now :D
A.O.I~ あお.いouji on June 21st, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
oh wow i can see why everyone misunderstood about his tattoo =~=;; and now i can see why so many jaechun fans keep growing aside from what happens right now D:

ohhh i get the 'king' thing now :D <3 i only suggested that it might have came from homin's song because in their lyrics they mentioned 'the return of the kings' (them) so i just thought you could have possibly referred to that OTL but i like how you keep it OT5 for the whole story :D especially when it was back in the day and they were absolutely adorable! xD

haha i like your realistic fics :) well i also like the AU ones too :D very much in unique situations^^ though the anniversary, realistic is quite suitable and i'm glad you chose that sort of them :) you've definitely captured alot of yunjae fans with the memories of all these yunjae events and plus it's looooooooooong lol

oh yes it's indeed a good idea to remind yourself how you got into them because then you'll continue to be inspired by them xD well i'm really glad that you did stay in the fandom and still glad that you're updating about them :) (hugs)
Annaanna6285 on June 20th, 2011 06:33 am (UTC)
/brb fangirling
You just killed me. Killed me!
GUUUUHHHH I love how Yunho's trying to assert his dominance but always ends up bowing to Jaejoong's sexiness and awesomeness ;DD
Jaejoong was born to tease and be sexy and cause sexual frustration!
bloodredrosez: JaeHobloodredrosez on June 21st, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)
Hahahah "Jaejoong was born to tease and be sexy and cause sexual frustration!"


I think I totally just love it when Jaejoong's got Yunho wrapped around his little finger :D
Annaanna6285 on June 21st, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
“I’ve found my soul mate but I have my king right where I want him, too.”

btw favorite line ever! It's so Jaejoong! Getting whatever he wants! :Dbd
dilovesyunjaedilovesyunjae on June 20th, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
Radu_know on June 20th, 2011 12:04 pm (UTC)
Congrats on winning! I voted for you >D I really liked this fic <3
bloodredrosez: beautiful destinybloodredrosez on June 21st, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)
Awww, thanks so much! I was kind of sad over how the votes were all screened cuz I was soooo curious about what people thought about it. It's nice that we're allowed to repost to our own journals now though, so people that aren't members of Complex still have a chance to read :D

Radu_know on June 21st, 2011 06:47 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure that they would let you see the comments to your fic if you asked them ^^ and yeah I'm glad you're allowed to repost too! You don't know how many amazing fics I keep on discovering that were posted so long ago to different contest communities!
rethzneworldrethzneworld on June 20th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
aaah this is awesome~~ :DD
ivyyblossom: JJ hurttwinklietwinkle on June 23rd, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
So well thought-out <33
Love how Yun's interpretation is brought out here!
tanya_h24: yh 5tanya_h24 on July 10th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
i just read the first part and this is already be one of my fave fics :DD
*off to the next part*
tehah_herotehah_hero on September 21st, 2011 02:34 pm (UTC)
re-read this! XD LOL..
White Angelwhiteangel25 on October 8th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
Oh.My.God. Hey, it's not fair. So, Jaejoong would be the diva a.k.a the queen then. Grrrrrrrrrr #offfor2ndpart
Hiiragisawa Kadzukifate_aram on December 28th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
i like the checkmate part..

it's funny when yun is feel jealous about soulmate couple..
and jae always teasing yun without no doubt!

yoochun is jae's soulmate, but yunho always be jae's king..
like it sooo much >.
bubblepop9bubblepop9 on January 30th, 2012 12:16 am (UTC)
this is really great :) you're so talented!!!!
i am looking for moar realistic fics - would you mind recommending sum of your faves? i imagine u have v. good taste :p

Edited at 2012-01-30 12:20 am (UTC)
inukag0inukag0 on February 20th, 2012 06:45 pm (UTC)
asdfghjkl my feels are overflowing ; u ;
it's a great combination of fluffyness and the sekshii > w <
I like how it's put,it's perfect and exactly the kind of story I was looking for~ now to read the next two ^^
distressxcomadistressxcoma on December 13th, 2012 04:22 am (UTC)
This is great. I love it <3
Yunho jealous over Jaechun is really cute and funny ^^ and Jae teasing like always xDD
*off to the next part*
TARDISKEEPERtardiskeeper on October 17th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
I respect and admire the way Yunho handled his insecurities. Deep down he knew the answer but you can't help the doubts that cloud our judgement from time to time. I love the play on words.
Thank you!