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22 June 2011 @ 09:12 pm
Cherish, Part 3 of 3  
Title: Cherish
Author: bloodredrosez
Rating: R
Length: 3 Parts, Complete (~11,500 total)
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Humor
Disclaimer: This story is fictional except for some scenes inspired by video clips.

Summary: Five times Jaejoong said no to Yunho (and one time he said yes).  Prompt chosen: proposal.
Written for the 4th Anniversary Fiction Contest at !  Check out the other entries HERE, too.

Video/Pictures Link List
Example of chain link ring + necklace (Yunho’s is actually longer)
The “Secret Love” ring +  YunJae wearing it here and here
YunJae Marriage Announcement
FYI Bigeastation is really spelled like that

V. Linked (or, “Yunho discovers that he’s been missing a particular piece of jewelry all along.”)

Yunho normally never fusses much about what he wears, unlike some of the other members. To him, that kind of thing is what their stylists are hired for and he knows better than to try to override their choices with his preferences. The jewelry they pick out for him to wear during their concert tour this time is truly horrendous, however, and he balks when he sees just how clunky it is. Did they forget that he actually has to dance wearing this kind of stuff?

As far as he can tell, he’s been given the kind of chain link that’s usually used to chain wire fences together. In other words, it isn’t jewelry, it’s real chain link, and in full size. Yunho also notes with dismay that “chunky” is an understatement. In fact, the thing can probably be used as a lethal weapon. Each link is almost half a finger’s length long and the metal is thicker than a pen. The so-called necklace that he’s holding is also a good 50 centimeters long.

Yunho can barely wrap his head around the fact that some jeweler allowed the monstrosity to be made in the first place. As far as he can tell, the only good thing about the piece of jewelry (which is closer to slave chains, if anything) is that it’s in chrome black. Silver would just make it look tackier.

He puts it on reluctantly and the weight of it makes the metal dig into his neck. Checking out his own reflection, all Yunho can think is that he looks like he either just escaped from some medieval prison or came out on the very, very, very wrong side of a BDSM joke. He feels mortified just looking at himself. There’s no way he can go out on stage wearing this.

To top off the ridiculous jewelry, he’s been given this ring with a design of, what else, a chunky, clunky chain link. Yunho’s seen some very nice rings before with a chain link design, but this one is so oversized and thick, it looks horrendous.

Despite that, Yunho dutifully slips it onto his finger to try it out. He finds out in seconds that the ring is not only atrocious in style, but uncomfortable to wear, too. The thickness of it forces his fingers so far apart that he can barely make a decent fist. Still, compared to what’s around his neck, it’s the lesser of two evils. Together, the look is so over the top, it’s going to be impossible even for him to carry it off and make it look cool.

There’s a light, familiar knock at the door to announce Jaejoong’s arrival and Yunho spins around on his heel, about to tell him not to come in because while he’s more than okay with Jae seeing him naked, seeing him in this…this bondage costume jewelry? It’s too embarrassing.

His quick motion makes the necklace thump heavily and painfully against his chest. Yunho’s so surprised by it that he ends up saying nothing. Instead, he’s looking down at the awful necklace when Jaejoong walks in. Oddly enough, Yunho hears him before he sees him, or at least he presumes that what he’s hearing must be Jaejoong and not some kind of metallic monster.

Curiosity wins over mortification and Yunho looks up in order to find out why his lover sounds like he’s wearing half a jewelry store. Except there’s no real mystery at all, because Jae is, indeed, wearing half a jewelry store.

“What on earth are you wearing?” Yunho asks in amazement. Their stylists had apparently opted for relatively slender, silver chain link necklaces for Jaejoong, the kind that’s more usually seen in jewelry. It’s certainly an improvement over the necklace that Yunho has on…except for the fact that Jae’s wearing, oh, about forty or so necklaces.

Jaejoong gives him another once over, looking as though his eyes might pop out of his head. “Yah, Yunho, what on earth are you wearing? Is that thing supposed to be a necklace?”

That does it. It’s the final straw to the whole scenario and when Jaejoong starts laughing, Yunho can’t hold back his own laughter. The worst part is that he’s laughing so hard that his shoulders shake, and when that happens, his necklace just keeps thumping against his neck. As for Jaejoong…well, Jaejoong sounded like what happens when you take forty different metal chains and wildly shake them together.     

“I’m not going to wear this,” Yunho gasps out as Jaejoong holds onto his shoulders, leaning on him to keep from falling over. With one simple movement, Yunho finds the clasp on his chain link thing and undoes it. The slick links slip through his fingers before he can catch them, and the heavy crash that results makes him very glad that they didn’t land on his bare toes.

Jaejoong leans down and picks it up for him, his mouth forming a little O of surprise when he finds out just how heavy the necklace is. “Then what are you going to wear? You have to match the theme.”

“Hmm…” Yunho looks thoughtfully at Jaejoong and an idea occurs to him. “Just give me half of what you’re wearing,” he proposes.

Jaejoong doesn’t argue and Yunho lifts a good twenty necklaces off him. It’s almost as heavy as his own discarded piece and Jaejoong helps loop them over his head. Checking out their side by side reflections in the full length mirror on the side of the room, both of them are pleased at the picture they make. The mirror isn’t that wide so they’re in each other’s space, shoulders touching, and Jae smiles. Yunho can read the thought that’s flitting across his mind.

“You know that this matching jewelry is going to get all the fans excited about us,” Jaejoong warns, but Yunho just shrugs. Jaejoong’s hand slips in his and he realizes that he’s still wearing the ring. With reluctance, he unlinks their hands for a moment as he gets rid of it—if he’s rejecting the necklace, he might as well go all the way—and then grabs Jaejoong’s hand again.

There’s metal around Jae’s fingers and Yunho raises his hand to see that sure enough, he’s wearing two rings. Both have a delicate chain link design and even diamonds embedded in the silver. Jaejoong’s also wearing his usual ring on his right hand.

“Can I borrow your ring?” Yunho asks, inspired. “I need something to make up for the one I took off. If I show up wearing a ring already, they won’t be able to force me to wear anything else.”

Rather than agreeing right away, Jaejoong hesitates. “Which one?” he asks with unexpected seriousness. “My favorite?”

Yunho raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, can I borrow it?”

“No,” Jaejoong answers, much to his surprise. Jae rarely refused him anything, particularly something simple like this.

“Eh…why not?” Yunho’s puzzled, but normally he would’ve dropped the subject and shrugged it off. But Jaejoong almost seems nervous, which makes Yunho a little worried. “You’re not letting anyone else borrow it, are you?”

Jaejoong looks down at their entwined fingers and smiles, but his expression is uncertain rather than just happy. “It’s just that…well, now it’s one of a pair.”

“What?” It’s a downright odd thing to say and Yunho finds that he doesn’t like the implications one bit. “You really won’t let me borrow your ring?”

“No, Yunho,” Jaejoong says patiently, still serious. He looks into Yunho’s eyes briefly. “But you won’t have to worry about a ring, Yunho. Just wait here for a moment, will you?”

Before Yunho can answer, Jaejoong’s gone. From the speed of his disappearance and return, Yunho guesses that Jaejoong must have ducked into his own room before coming back. Jaejoong doesn’t keep him waiting for long, but what catches Yunho’s immediate attention is the little box in Jaejoong’s hand—which is now being offered to him.

Yunho just stares at it as if expecting it to suddenly turn into a bird and fly away. “Jaejoong…”

It hits him with all the force of an amnesiac regaining all his memories. Rings. How was it possible that the thought had never occurred to him? Over the last couple of years, Yunho had come up with a dozen different ways to ask the question. He’d realized that there was no rush, though, so he had decided to wait for the right opportunity. Yunho needed to find the perfect way to ask the perfect question in order to get that perfect yes.

Feeling his fingertips touch the luxurious black velvet now, Yunho realizes that he’d forgotten one little detail. Well, one huge detail. He’s never even thought about getting a ring. He’d been so focused on the perfect setting and timing and most of all, getting a favorable response from Jae.

He would have been the world’s first idiot to propose without a ring.

Jaejoong’s watching him like a hawk and Yunho suddenly realizes that his unresponsiveness must not look very encouraging. “Go on, Yunho,” Jaejoong urges him, the breathiness of his voice the only sign of his anxiety. “Open it.”

So Yunho does, with shaking fingers. When he merely holds the perfect band of gold and silver in between his fingers, too shocked to even say anything, Jaejoong laughs gently and plucks it out of his hand.

“See, it’s actually two rings,” he explains, “and they can open up like this.” He demonstrates how the white gold and rose gold bands are joined together by screws which allow for the ring’s unusual versatility. “You know how it works, Yunho-yah…it’s like mine.”

The white gold band on the outside is etched with Cartier but it’s the word on the inner band that makes Yunho’s heart skip a beat before resuming it’s furious racing within his chest. He knows that Jaejoong loves him, but it’s different somehow to see it like this, turned into this symbol of commitment.

Jaejoong’s voice turns shy, the same tone he uses when he’s requesting something that means a lot to him. “They’re from Cartier’s “Secret Love” collection,” he tells Yunho. “The “secret” is that the LOVE is on the rose gold band that’s hidden beneath. It’s the ring that actually touches your finger, see?”

“You got this for me…?” It’s not so much a question as a soft statement of wonder, and Yunho’s overwhelmed that he’s a little choked up.

Jaejoong spares his pride and pretends he doesn’t notice, but his voice is a warm caress on Yunho’s soul. There’s no longer anything hesitant about it; it’s full of emotion. “I wanted you to have this. It’s similar to the ring I have, but not exactly the same. But I think that just makes them a more perfect pair…”

He catches Yunho’s gaze with his own and there’s a question there that doesn’t need to be verbally answered. All Yunho can do is nod, because the lump in his throat prevents him from speaking. Jaejoong smiles and it’s as brilliant as the morning sunrise after a rainy night, more precious than any gold could be. He takes Yunho’s left hand and slips the ring onto his littlest finger.

“This kind of ring…it’s traditionally meant for your ring finger,” he says, so softly that the words would be inaudible if they hadn’t been so close together. “But I don’t want to be like everyone else, Yunho. This way, we’ll have something just for us.”

It’s on the tip of Yunho’s tongue and almost bursts out. He’s been waiting for so long and Yunho’s heart feels like it’s bursting in his chest with the purest joy and love. He has no doubts; he knows what the answer will be. He gets as far as “Jaejoong, will…”

But this, Yunho realizes, is not his time. It’s not his place to propose. This is Jaejoong’s moment and Jaejoong’s gift, and that Yunho is the recipient of his love is a gift in itself. He is not so much asking as being asked, and all Yunho can show with his actions is his willingness, his reply of yes, yes, yes. He draws Jaejoong into a tight embrace and manages to whisper into his ear. “Jaejoong…I love you.”

Yunho rarely displays the depth of his feelings or allows anyone to see him with his guard completely down, but there are no secrets between them, not even the truth of their love for each other. That, he realizes, is why Jaejoong chose that particular ring. Their love might be a secret to everyone else, but never to themselves.

He can feel Jaejoong smiling, his cheek pressed against Yunho’s shoulder. “I know, and I think that you know I love you too. But in case you don’t…Jung Yunho, I love you.”

*          *          *

VI. On Air (or, “YunJae have a proposal to make to each other…and an announcement for all.”)

They haven’t been doing the weekly radio station recordings for long, but Yunho discovers that Jaejoong has a real talent for it. Maybe there’s some magical quality in his voice that simply makes everyone want to smile when they hear him, but he’s always able to add to the conversation with such flair.

For some reason, it’s easier to be themselves when they’re just talking into the recording microphones. Yunho can almost forget that they’re recording when he lets himself just follow the others’ lead. Plus, the focus is so often on their appearances that it’s nice to be able to reach out to the fans in a different way. He finds it kind of liberating knowing that the fans will pay more attention to what they say than how they look or sound. They have more freedom to say what they really want, even though it’s not completely unscripted.

Jaejoong and Junsu are the ones in the radio station studio today with him and Yunho spares a minute to wonder what’s in store for them. None of the recordings ever turn out like he thinks they will and Yunho’s begun to get somewhat nervous over doing them. Unlike Jaejoong and Junsu, casually joking around with fans and answering their questions doesn’t come naturally to him. Yunho prefers to be prepared rather than spontaneous, but the recordings require a bit of both.

It’s partly why he gets them all to the station earlier than normal, but now Junsu and Jaejoong look bored. Junsu’s the one who’ll be doing most of the talking for the first part of the episode anyway, when they promote the Bigeastation products of the week. This time, it’s something weird like herbal tea, Yunho remembers.

Junsu’s looking at the messages that they’ve gotten over the last week though, so Yunho calls out from across the room to him. “Hey, can you go through the questions and pick out a few good ones? Read them out loud, will you?”

Jaejoong overhears and wanders over, standing behind Yunho’s chair and letting his hands rest on their leader’s shoulders. “Yunho-yah, you’re cheating! The fans want our honest response, you know.”

“I am honest!” Yunho replies defensively, ignoring Junsu’s snicker. All of them know that Yunho gets tongue tied when he’s really embarrassed. “I just don’t like it when you guys try to surprise me.”

“Okay, how’s this one?” Junsu says placatingly, not bothering to twist around to look at him. He just reads off the screen. “It’s from Mirai-san. She says that she read in the GQ magazine interview of Jaejoong that there are only three beds for five members. Her question is: ‘Who shares the three beds?’”

Junsu says it all in a perfectly innocent tone as only he can, but their leader starts turning red, much to Jaejoong’s not so hidden amusement. “Let’s skip that question,” Yunho says hastily. “Junsu, pick another one.”

Whatever Junsu reads next must have been even more interesting because he makes a small noise of surprise and seems to skip to the next message on the list. “Hmm…how about this. Rika-san says, ‘Hello, I have been happily listening to Bigeaststation. The new single this time is very warm and the melody is filled with emotion, but it also feels sad. It seems that it is about confessing but not receiving the same kind of feeling back, so I wanted to ask you, if you were going to propose to someone, how would you do it?’”

Junsu finishes the message and doesn’t notice how Yunho’s gone very still in his chair and Jaejoong is likewise silent. “Wow, that one’s interesting. It’s a very thoughtful message and question, don’t you think? How would you reply, Yunho?”

“Uhhh…” Yunho is ridiculously aware of how Jaejoong is standing right behind him. Suddenly this reminds him of the kiss in the radio station, which reminds him of his first and only direct attempt to propose to Jaejoong. It’s been three years since he had once declared Jaejoong to be his wife, and although he’s been calling Jae that ever since, he’s still never gotten around to properly asking. It’s hard to know what Jaejoong really wants in terms of a proposal, and asking him what he wants would kind of defeat the purpose of the proposal.

He’s been unresponsive for too long, his apprehensive thoughts taking over. Junsu seems to think Yunho is just thinking about how to answer the fan’s question. On a scale of one to ten in difficulty, the question deserves a twenty.

“Please read another message, Junsu-yah,” Jaejoong interjects, carefully cheerful. “I think we’ll need time to think about that one.”

His odd tone catches Junsu’s attention. The younger man turns around to look across the room at Jaejoong, drops his gaze down to Yunho, and then looks back up at Jaejoong. The sudden understanding that crosses his face is almost painful to see. More worrisome is that Junsu’s face then lights up with excitement as an idea occurs to him. It’s the expression he gets when he’s about to be really helpful, but it’s also exactly the same expression he has when he’s about to prank a hyung…

Yunho’s too focused on Jaejoong to pay attention to Junsu’s potential schemes, however. He’s trying to figure out exactly what Jae meant by needing time—was he implying that Yunho had already taken too much time? Was he just saying that the question was hard so they would really think about it? Or was he subtly showing his annoyance that Yunho apparently hadn’t thought of anything (or at least hadn’t tried to ask) in all the time they’ve been together?

“Jaejoongie, can you go through the messages?” Junsu asks. “I want to go with the staff to look at the mugs and the tea so I know what I’m talking about.”

“Okay,” Jaejoong agrees, and goes across the room to take over Junsu’s seat at the computer. He scrolls through the message inbox, exclaiming to himself or making other cute little reactions when he sees the ones he likes.

Before he leaves though, Junsu taps Yunho on the shoulder to get his attention. When Yunho looks at him in surprise, Junsu gestures for him to duck his head down. He leans in and whispers into Yunho’s ear. “One of the questions is about which member you would like to marry. It’ll the perfect opportunity, hyung…”

Yunho’s head jerks up again so sharply that he’s glad that Jaejoong’s back is toward them. Junsu gives him an encouraging look and leaves the room, taking the two staff members with him. Suddenly it’s just the two of them in the radio station studio.  

It’s just a question, Yunho tries to tell himself. He finds himself crossing the room without being conscious of his actions, as if he’s one magnet and Jaejoong’s another. They’ve even exchanged rings, for goodness’ sake, and it’s not like they can be more committed to each other. All he has left to do is get out a few simple words.

“Jaejoong-ah,” he says with a suddenly dry mouth, and watches as his lover turns around to look at him. Jaejoong is as handsome as he always is and yet in this moment of panic-induced clarity, it’s like Yunho has never seen him before. He feels his heart pierced by his lover’s exquisite beauty all over again, but at the same time it’s like he doesn’t see it at all. His eyes might rest on the perfection of Jaejoong’s features, but Yunho only sees Jaejoong in front of him, and he knows Jaejoong so well that it’s like seeing a glimpse of his own reflection in a mirror as he’s walking past. It’s an instant recognition of self, of identity…maybe even of the soul. It’s so instant that it’s not really remarkable.

What Yunho’s mind acknowledges is not how Jaejoong looks, but how he laughs, how he cries, how he breathes and how he cares for Yunho in a million different little ways. What Yunho recognizes is not the pleasing shape of Jaejoong’s face, or his wide eyes, or his pale skin and pink mouth—instead, it’s Jaejoong’s warmth and nurturing nature, it’s his moments of narcissistic silliness along with his gentleness and startling determination.

A million thoughts run through Yunho’s mind as he stands there contemplating what he’s doing. For one thing, it’s nothing like how he’d always imagined the moment might be. He’s run through a dozen stereotypical scenarios before in his mind, but this doesn’t fit any. It’s not in a fancy restaurant after all. It’s not at the place they first met, or the place they first dated. It’s not a particularly significant day, at least that he can remember. Neither of them are dressed up and both of them are tired—it’s getting late, after all—and most of all, it’s still true that Yunho doesn’t have a ring. He is wearing one, though, as is Jaejoong.

But ring, suit, romantic setting—none of it matters because he senses that this can also be perfect, in a way. Yunho feels all his nervousness disappear as he sinks to one knee and takes both of Jaejoong’s hands in his own. Jaejoong’s eyes widen in surprise but then quickly fill with understanding. Rather than letting Yunho’s hands cradle his protectively, he surprises Yunho by intertwining their fingers tightly.

It’s strange that he waited for so very long, Yunho thinks. It’s strange to think that he’s worried about this on and off for years, because in the end, it’s very simple. What is a proposal, anyway? Yunho’s only asking Jaejoong to marry him, to be his forever…because Jaejoong is not only his lover, but also the love of his life.

“Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho says again, and then Jaejoong proves that he still has one more surprise in store.

“Yunho… Shhh,” he whispers.

Yunho’s silenced, but only because he’s sure that it’s not usually a good sign if someone is cut off before they can ask the question.

But Jaejoong’s expression is lovely and the expression in his eyes is one of fierce and proud love. “Yes,” he tells Yunho. Yes. Yunho, my answer is yes.”

“But—I never asked yet—” Yunho protests without knowing what he’s protesting, his thoughts derailed by that one magical syllable ringing in his ears.

Jaejoong just laughs and it’s such a sound of delight and joy that Yunho forgets that this is all supposed to happen a certain way, forgets altogether that he had expected this to unfold like a scene from some great and romantic movie. Since when have they followed others’ ways? Since when have they stuck to the script? Even now, Jaejoong unexpectedly brings Yunho’s hands up to his lips. His lips are soft and warm as he drops a kiss on top of Yunho’s ring.

“Yunho, you’ve been proposing to me every single day, in a thousand different ways, since the first time that you called me your wife…” Jaejoong pauses and his eyes are bright and filled with so many emotions that Yunho’s almost lost in them. “And even when I say no, in reality I cherish the knowledge that you’ll never stop asking, and that every no actually brings us closer together. But if you wish, Jung Yunho, then please ask me just one more time.”

Yunho lets go of the breath that he hadn’t realized he had been holding. He takes another breath and chooses just four simple words for his proposal. He knows it’s all they need.

“Will you marry me, Kim Jaejoong?”  

Yes,” Jaejoong answers, and leans forward. “Yes,” he whispers against Yunho’s lips before their mouths meld together and Jaejoong’s kissing him with all the same abandon, surety, and thoroughness of his answer. Although it starts tenderly, the passion and heat between them builds until the kiss becomes a heated tangle of need and demand, desire and love, passion and possession. There’s the flavor of love, too, sweet and irresistible on Yunho’s tongue.

When they break apart for air long moments later, Jaejoong rests his forehead against Yunho’s, his eyes closed as he struggles to calm his racing heart. He lets out a low, breathy chuckle that seems to shiver through both their bodies. “I guess all that’s left, then, is answering the question.”

“What question?” Yunho asks, prodded alert out of the haze of happiness that’s around them both. “Wait… You mean there’s another question?!”

Jaejoong just laughs softly at his alarm. “One of the fans asked, ‘Which member would you like to marry?’ It’s perfect. So all we need to do, Yunho…”

And his husband catches on immediately. “We’ll make a marriage announcement.”




A/N: Holy cow, I finally heard back and got this entry fixed!! LJ had an issue with one of my links...with the marriage announcement one, specifically >:( I don't know what LJ has against Veoh, but apparently it thought I was trying to spam myself! Ironic, considering I still get daily spam Russian spam comments. Besides, tinyurl gets around it.

Thanks for all your patience and hope you enjoyed this!

Please comment if you read <3  I know this is an old story, but I'd still love to hear feedback!

zkyegirldevil on June 20th, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
Oh my! That was sooooo sweet!

I absolutely enjoyed reading this one and I'm glad you could share it with us. Thank you!

I really like your story! Write more please =)
bloodredrosez: jaeho ywhbloodredrosez on June 24th, 2011 07:19 am (UTC)
<3 very belated reply, but thanks for reading! hahah, i haven't written much fluff for the yunjae fandom, it's mostly angst and smut and more angst, so this is a nice change for me too. I'm glad to hear I managed it okay XD
dilovesyunjaedilovesyunjae on June 20th, 2011 12:35 pm (UTC)
bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on June 24th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
exactly the kind of response i was hoping for <3

lol sorry for the belatedness, I had technical difficulties with LJ XD
~sachiel on June 20th, 2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
congratulations on winning! i loved the first "no". and thank you for the pictures/vids... ugh those cartier love rings are kind of awful looking, though.
bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on June 24th, 2011 07:23 am (UTC)
aww, thank *you* for reading! hahah, I haven't made up my mind about the cartier love rings yet ~ but one thing's for sure, I found out while looking them up that they're REALLY expensive! It's like over $1000 USD and I guess it's from a special limited edition collection or something.

btw, sorry for the belated reply, I had technical difficulties w/ this post XD
霧島瑠衣華schreient_0 on June 20th, 2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
im sooo glad i saw this fic^^ it made me smile non-stop. The way you wrote about them was just adorable^^
A.O.I~ あお.いouji on June 23rd, 2011 05:37 am (UTC)
SPOT! omo you got it up! :D congrats!
bloodredrosezbloodredrosez on June 23rd, 2011 05:53 am (UTC)
I know, I'm so happy to just get it working again! It turned out to be the marriage announcement link of all things that was causing the issue... LJ, what do you have against YunJae's announcement >:[

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Annaanna6285 on June 23rd, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
oh my god this is the most beautiful thing I've ever read! Holy cow I will build you a shrine in my room ;______;

Jaejoong saying yes before Yunho actually proposed and Yunho's whole sappy description of Jaejoong and and and the rings!!!
bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on June 24th, 2011 07:33 am (UTC)
Hahahah, the yes before Yunho even finally got to propose ~ Yunho is soooo totally at Jaejoong's mercy throughout XD

I love that you loved it so much and thank you for letting me know!! <3
u_btr_blivdulanis on June 23rd, 2011 08:54 am (UTC)
That was absolutely sweet. I love the fluff

*“Yunho, you’ve been proposing to me every single day, in a thousand different ways, since the first time that you called me your wife…” Jaejoong pauses and his eyes are bright and filled with so many emotions that Yunho’s almost lost in them. “And even when I say no, in reality I cherish the knowledge that you’ll never stop asking, and that every no actually brings us closer together. But if you wish, Jung Yunho, then please ask me just one more time.”*

is a wonderful piece. I really love it

bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on June 24th, 2011 07:35 am (UTC)
thanks for reading!! I'm glad you like the fluff and cuteness, especially the sappy romantic parts XD I'm so used to writing angst and drama for my YunJae stories, I wasn't sure I could write fluff well!
ivyyblossom: joongie blushtwinklietwinkle on June 23rd, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
Perfect ending for the perfect fic! ♥
hitomi2oo7hitomi2oo7 on June 25th, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~! *happy dance*
This YJ fluff was the best of a kind~! <33333
*melts in puddle of goo*
Thank You for all the hard work~! *huggles*
(Deleted comment)
bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on July 11th, 2011 12:53 am (UTC)
hahah, aww, thanks! It's definitely the fluffiest story I've ever written, so I'm just glad it turned out well! I was originally thinking of writing an AU story for the proposal prompt, but then I realized that I wanted to keep it as real and close to the YunJae timeline (both for them and in the eyes of the fans, lol!) as possible. It turned out to be a lot of fun and it just seemed right for a wedding anniversary contest :3
tanya_h24tanya_h24 on July 10th, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
“Yunho, you’ve been proposing to me every single day, in a thousand different ways, since the first time that you called me your wife…”
“And even when I say no, in reality I cherish the knowledge that you’ll never stop asking, and that every no actually brings us closer together...."

bloodredrosez: kissbloodredrosez on July 11th, 2011 12:49 am (UTC)
aww, glad you loved it! I don't write fluffy/cute stuff often so it was definitely fun for me to imagine and write :D
tehah_herotehah_hero on September 21st, 2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
xD keke..
Yunho ish so slow~ xD

“We’ll make a marriage announcement.”

Owh God! >
White Angelwhiteangel25 on October 8th, 2011 02:39 pm (UTC)
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Okay, YooSuMin should start writing the congratulatory song for this two, or they alr have? hmmmmmn kekekekeke
dakota9ldakota9l on November 29th, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
На мой взгляд, это актуально, буду принимать участие в обсуждении.
Hiiragisawa Kadzukifate_aram on December 28th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
oh my god sun!!

how a sweet ending!!
like it so much!!