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You & Me: Our Story

the endlessly shifting balance between hearts

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"I shall look as if I were suffering. I shall look a little as if I were dying.
It is like that. Do not come to see that. It is not worth the trouble..."

"I shall not leave you."

But he was worried.

"I tell you--it is also because of the snake. He must not bite you. Snakes--they
are malicious creatures. This one might bite you just for fun..."

"I shall not leave you."

But a thought came to reassure him:

"It is true that they have no more poison for a second bite."

- The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

* * *

This is a ficjournal for all my stories that don't quite fit on other sites because they
don't have a main fandom/fanfiction archive site of their own.
Please note that I never post a story in more than one location; the only time
that happens is when someone has asked to archive my story and I've granted my permission.
If you see any plagiarism problems, please let me know. Right now this
ficjournal primarily has JaeHo only, but I will eventually be adding more :]

What about me? My life is defined by my shifting obsessions :]

For book recommendations, look under my favorites here ~

For young adult, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance recommendations, feel free to ask me!

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